Methods of Collection Services

Collections and Collection Litigation Attorney & Lawyer legal services for Businesses, Corporations, Organizations, Government Agencies, and other entities in Toledo, Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and throughout the nation.

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At Scheer, Green, and Burke, L.P.A., our efforts range from demand letters to the pursuit of payment through negotiated settlement, litigation, and post judgment collection practice.

Our Collection Methods Include:

  1. A series of letters instituting the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act that are extremely effective to get the attention of debtors.
  2. If the letters do not resolve the case, or initiate voluntary payment plans, we use an outstanding computer system developed to accurately help our collection efforts. This includes letters, lawsuits, court motions and day-to-day occurrences on each file to better serve you.
  3. If a lawsuit is filed, the debtor's credit is tainted. This initiates payment. A lawsuit also causes the debtor to contact us, sometimes through representation, to resolve the debtor's suit.
  4. If a lawsuit does not cause the resolution of a claim and we get a judgment against the defendant, our office actively uses the following techniques:

    • Garnishment of wages.  This allows us to take 25% of a person's take home pay (after standard deductions). A garnishment lasts 6 months or until the debt is paid-in-full. Garnishments are stacked by employers based on timely filing. Therefore, it is imperative to actively pursue files. Our law office adds new files to our system the day we receive them.
    • Non-Wage Garnishment. This is a bank attachment. The bank is ordered to pay to the court the amount in the account up to the amount of the judgment.
    • Lien on Debtor's Real Estate.  We place a lien on any real estate the debtor owns. This is accomplished by taking a certificate of judgment to the county in which the debtor owns property.
    • Debtor Examination. Our office has instituted a new and beneficial procedure by using the post-judgment debtors examination or proceeding in aid. It allows our office to summon the debtor(s) to court and gain valuable information about the debtors assets. It has also been successful to set up payment arrangements for unpaid debts.
    • Index. We utilize all court help and past claims to find debtor's assets.

We are committed to responding to all phone calls, letters, and other forms of communication on the same day in which they are received by our office.

Make sure your legal rights are protected by seeking the legal advice of an experienced Toledo collection lawyer. which proudly serves clients in Toledo, Ohio, the States of Ohio & Michigan, and throughout the Nation.

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